Menopause Supplements: Dr Oz Recommendations

Dr. Oz has become an incredibly popular health figure in today’s culture.

Hundreds of thousands of people turn to him for his down-to-earth advice on many health problems.

During one recent television program on menopause and menopause supplements Dr. Oz recommends various ways to naturally alleviate the often distressing and debilitating symptoms of menopause.

He outlined a plan of attack, so to speak, that women could do to avoid or relieve symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings and depression, and PMS symptoms such as bloating and cramps.

The 3 most important menopause supplements Dr. Oz recommends are:

Vitamin B6 for helping to control mood swings and other emotional symptoms of menopause.

Secondly, Dr. Oz also recommends a natural herb called Chasteberry for menopause symptom relief.

Lastly, for symptoms such as bloating and water weight gain, Dr. Oz suggests that Magnesium offers the best relief.

Vitamin B6 to Help with Mood Swings

Fluctuating hormone levels can cause mood swings, and B6 has been proven to naturally lower depression and irritability.

Dr. Oz suggests that supplementing with Vitamin B6 can improve mood and relieve symptoms such as depression and anxiety.  It also helps with insomnia.  Many studies conducted worldwide have proven the benefits of this important vitamin in maintaining good emotional health, especially during menopause.

The Benefits of Chasteberry for Menopause Symptom Relief

Chasteberry contains phytoestrogens which are equal to estrogen and progesterone, the natural hormones in women.

Chasteberry is a fruit that grows on a small bush found in the Mediterranean and in Asia.  The benefits of Chasteberry have been known for centuries and it’s long been recognized as an effective herb used to treat a variety of problems in women.   In fact, it was used as far back as in the ancient Roman times and has even been mentioned in writings of Hippocrates.

In modern times, a study was conducted in London that showed that Chasteberry is effective in helping to reduce anxiety, mood swings and insomnia in women.  Another advantage is that’s been recognized more recently is that it seems to reduce prolactin levels in the blood.  Prolactin levels that are too high will cause irregular menstrual cycles.

Because it is a dwindling supply of these natural hormones that cause the symptoms of menopause that we often find so troubling, stimulating these hormones naturally can relieve the symptoms in a natural and safe way.

Magnesium to Help with Bloating and Water Retention

Magnesium is a very important mineral for menopausal women.

It helps to reduce fluid retention, but it also promotes calcium absorption, which is essential for healthy bones.

It’s highly recommended for overall health, but it is especially beneficial to menopausal women and women suffering from PMS symptoms as well.

Be sure to drink lots of water too.  I know it sounds counteractive, however drinking lots of water and supplementing with Magnesium helps promote healthy kidney function.

Dr. Oz: Menopause Supplements Recommended for Optimal Symptom Relief

So, when you see the importance of these three vitamins and natural herbs:  Chasteberry, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium as outlined by Dr. Oz, no doubt you’ll want to integrate them into your present vitamin supplement regime.

Total Balance Women’s contains all 3 of these important vitamins and herbs in addition to other important vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts combined for maximum efficacy for the relief of pre and post menopausal symptoms and PMS.

It’s especially formulated to provide the complete combination of ingredients to maximize relief in women like you who are menopausal and have symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings, loss of libido, hot flashes and night sweats, and many other symptoms that come along with menopause.

Contraindications to be aware of when taking any herbs or herbal extracts:

It’s best to check with your doctor as certain herbs and herbal extracts can have a blood thinning effect.

Actually, it’s wise to always check with your medical professional before changing or beginning any new supplement or diet regime.

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